Monday, July 9, 2007

Changing Perceptions; Thanks Mo'Nique

The reunion was a trilogy of things to come from reality TV we have drama, comedy and class installed in this blustering finale with our beautiful Mo’Nique telling these sistas how to act and behave on live TV. I was impressed the way she Destroyed that terrible image Vh1 slurred upon African American and White women also, this type of humor is exploitative and demeaning to women all over the world, Mo’Nique stopped the crazy cussing and confrontational garbage that made women submit them selves to for the price of fame people may find it entertaining but your nothing more than a punch line, once defused what then? People will get tired of you and find someone else to laugh at. I salute Mo’Nique for last night’s amazing correction she gave which was heart felt hopefully by millions of viewers including myself. She boldly stood before millions and said Black Women are not like this time out, you don’t have to prostitute your selves for the sake of notoriety and for a TV show, in the long run it is not worth it.

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