Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beauty and the Bootz

No one can handle the fire that breathes out of Bootz mouth not even Mo'Nique could handle this beautiful over confident sista that stole the spotlight from everybody. Vh1 masterminded another controversial figure to prostitute for ratings and hold on to there fan base. She is exciting whether you love her or hate her you have ran into Bootz maybe once or twice in your part of town, Bootz is not a person she is a attitude that pops up in women from time to time. Kinda like the incredible Hulk is to Bruce Banner, that is how Bootz is to women when you back them up against the wall or tick them off watch out here comes BOOTZ!! FUCKING YOUR SHIT UP! But not with her fist but with her loud ass mouth. That's right she don't have to touch you she'll cuss you out to death, make you wish she had physically fought you. Bootz will be having her own show and I WILL BE WATCHING, I can't help it I am a reality nut, so shoot me. Larissa alter ego will bring this sista lots of money, so she better cash in before those 15 minutes are up.

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