Sunday, July 8, 2007

Into the Trenches of Politics

Barrack Obama is entering into uncharted political territory down here in the south were the extreme Right resides, he is a brave man to campaign in these neck of the woods which says a lot about his character and commitment, I believe he has a chance to win a strong vote with most moderate Republicans down here in Alabama. But then again the south has a history for voting against Democrats. Especially these past Presidential elections but who knows Alabama might be coming around, after all the first Black Mayor has been elected in Mobile, Alabama who is Sam Jones (D). He was endorsed by ex Mayor Mike Dow who himself is a long time Democrat and was in office for 16 years. I think Obama will be able to charm us southerners with his eloquence and keen understanding of the issues. And sorry for the delay in posting I’m getting ready to start college this fall.

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