Monday, June 25, 2007

The Rise of "Black Rage"

A time bomb waiting to explode, within the young black man reaching his early thirties. Images flying through his head are negative about himself, they are perpetuated by any form of media that can enter into his mind. Like a computer he processes this information and becomes enraged at the thought of not being perceived as intelligent, romantic, dependable, or anything related to something positive. The shocking revelation that really paralyzes the black man is he begins to believe those perceptions toward his fellow brother, and becomes even more enraged feeling a sense of self betrayal in doing so. With rage at its boiling point he begins to find vents, something to help release this off the scale rage which is damaging his health and sense of focus or direction. Violent thoughts on a subconscious level helps release bits of rage, unproductive activity unfortunately releases quite a bit of rage because its origin is fueled by negativity. One of the biggest vents of a Black man's Rage is Violent music, any form of music will suffice, why, because meditation is involved, time to channel and process the rage until his behavior becomes rage itself, almost like learning martial arts, moves are process until they become habitual. My theory is any form of meditation can transform your behavior, whether the medium is TV, reading, Music, and etc., you are what your mind process. Crime will continue to grow with the black man unless we promote Education, so they can process learning History, Math, English and all forms of Productive Activity that will produce positive behavior in the black man.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

This describes how I feel very precisely, except that instead of releasing my rage by listening to rap music, I blog in the AfroSpear expressing myself, sharing with others and trying to change things. I think Karl Marx said that "The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation." I decided about two decades ago that I might feel desperate, but I certainly don't have to be quiet about it. In fact, voicing desperation sometimes leads to solutions.

I've been writing for the last couple of years about Extreme Color Aroused Disorder (ECA), in which extreme emotions and ideation aroused by skin color of ourselves and/or someone else leads to extreme color-aroused behavior. I believe that what you have described above is an example of Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder (ECA).

Although extreme color arousal is centered on the perception of color, you have correctly pointed out that one doesn't have to be in the presence of a white or Black person to experience color-aroused rage. Just thinking about the injustices, the denigration and our own relative impotence in the face of these is enough to keep some of us enraged most of the time.

Whites and people of other groups, too, experience rageful thoughts, as well as sadness, fear, anxiety, envy, jealousy, happiness and mirth, etc., associated with skin-color. Although the our environment, social position, skin-color and many other things about us are different, what we have in common in America regardless of color is that virtually all of us experience some color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior, and some members of every color-group experience this to such an extreme degree that it impairs our functioning in one or more areas of life.

When it this complex brew of ideation, emotion and behavior reach the level in individuals of impairing them in life functions, it obviously has become a psychiatric issue. But many people resist this conclusion for ideological and political reasons. Unfortunately, some people really are impaired and they have little chance of receiving individual help from fellow members of their group or from society until their impairment is acknowledged and addressed through screening, diagnosis and treatment. The Francis L. Holland Blog.

ShakazP said...

Color-Arousal is fueled also by perception and memory, take a child for instance if you place that child around other children of different ethnicity it will play with them freely with no Color- Arousal whatsoever. But if that same child is taught to favor a particular color over another, then the Arousal is fueled, I notice Mr. Williams told his father what had happened , hmmmm. My theory is he was validating what he was taught to believe about a particular color therefore fueling Extreme Color-Arousal, his pops raised him to hate and apparently to judge and execute as well. He sent his son to hell and murdered innocent victims by his own false perceptions of color. Yes, I believe in Color-Arousal, but it is fueled by how it is percieved or taught also.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I'm with that, Shakazp. I've been linking to this post. Yesterday, white people at MyLeftWing tried to convince me that fear of Black people is innate, because humans automatically fear what different. That's a fine theory, but EXPERIENCE proves that the theory is entirely false, and experience is more important than theories.

As you said, little children gravitate to each other regardless of skin-color. But every Black child can recall an instance when a white friend was eventually forbidden to play with the Black child, or when the white friend had learned the color-determined lessons and was ready to cut his Black friends lose in exchange for his white ones. My best friend, a white boy, eventually called me a N**ger to get rid of me, when we were in early adolescence.

But, when I was 17 years old I went to Chile in South America. In all my time in that country, I saw literally only TWO Black people. Since no one had ever seen Black skin there before, except maybe on television, it makes sense that they would be innately afraid of
me, right, since I was the most "different" of anyone they had ever met?

Instead, everyone was curious about me and eager to befriend me. White Chilean people treated me more consistently better in Chile than I had ever been treated in the United States. I went to an Indian reservation in the south of Chile that didn't even have television or radios. Didn't even have electricity or running water. An Mapuche Indian was so disbelieving to see Black skin for the first time that I let him rub my hand to see if the Black would come off. He thought I was kidding him with this Black skin.

But he wasn't afraid of me. In fact, he invited me to ride his horse, an enormous Black stallion. (Just a detail.)

I was so emotionally damaged from so much color-aroused rejection and antagonism in the United States that I felt profound sorrow at not being able to accept all of the friendship offered to me by people whose skin-color was so dramatically different from mine.

White people who say that humans are innately afraid of people based on their skin-color are either deluded, engaging in a sub-conscious ego defense against the truth, or are simply full of sh**t. If it's innate, then they don't have to take responsibility for the fact that they constantly teach it for the fact that they are full of it themselves. That's why they say it's innate, in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary.

Didn't Native Americans initially welcome white men with open arms in North America? Didn't Indians in South America and the Carribean initially welcome the Spanish and Portuguese openly, until they learned that the Spanish and Portuguese invaders were greedy, venal marauding pirates?

Whites propose that fear of strangers is genetic because they want to be absolved of the responsibility for the fear they have engendered in others and their own learned fear of losing control of their monopoly position in Western Society.

ShakazP said...

thank you for your comment, Holland, I did a little research on this so-called innatism and have found one conclusion it's Bullshit. Inborn my ass I agree with you totally they are hiding behind new found knowledge to relieve their guilt for years of closed mindness and fear.