Monday, June 25, 2007

"Hollywood Insults Black Women Everywhere"

Hollywood is going BACK in time people,I had heard the whispers in the AfroSphere that Angelina Jolie, who I'm told is a white actress, was cast by "racist" Hollywood to play the real-life Marianne Pearl, a French-born, brown-skinned, kinky-curly-haired woman of Afro-Cuban and Dutch heritage. This is ridiculous it is obvious Halle Berry Academy Award winner, is a dead ringer to play this woman. Black women everywhere should be outraged at Hollywood for turning their backs on talented Black actresses who can play this role hands down. Black face roles are a thing of the pass, Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for using an old minstrel method in these modern times. Angelina is a lovely white woman with full lips but that doesn't mean she can fill in Black roles because of her afro-centric features. Their not going to hear the last of this its just begun to get heated, change is already a process that takes patience and temperance but all this does is set us back a few centuries, get with the program Hollywood, the origin of this article came from Francis L. Holland.

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