Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here we go again!

This form of entertainment is a big step back in the past, the "Minstrel Show" reborn that's all it is I must admit I watched season one and season two, in fact I have them both on DVD, and a link to there blog. I support the show with reservations in mind. Because I know the brother has his act together intellectually there is no way you can pull 7.5 million viewers and not have smarts no way. My only reservation is that he do something different other than act a coon, if he is going to make money fine I'm not going to knock the brother but show your intelligent side for a change. Dave Chapelle will tell you it is not all about the money, if it is then who are you as a black man not having self respect or sense of culture, cause when people get tired of you what legacy do you want to be known for what contribution do you want to give to the world other than making a few million people laugh at you and your culture.


Gabrielle said...

you ain't NEVER lied. Why do Black men have to act a dang fool to get paid?

ShakazP said...

thanks for the comment, Gabrielle, love of money will make you holla.