Sunday, December 9, 2007

Are Black Women Fleeing Black Men?

" There are men out there who are attractive, handsome, with a job,(all the women chuckle)great schooling, great hair you know all those wonderful things. I'm free to date all of them." This is a quote from the video above, she close the quote with the word "free" which I thought was interesting, do BW(Black Women) feel trapped by BM(Black Men)? Not trapped in a physical but more of a mental aspect, are some BW struggling with racial loyalty vs personal happiness. If they are I don't think that it should be televised in this manner, because it creates strife and divisions among our people. This is what I call irresponsible journalism at its best, taking a divisive topic and spreading it on the news and Internet. YouTube has already thousands of videos on this topic, which is causing confusion, bitterness, and resentment amongst Black people. If BW want to date outside of their race don't do it on the criteria of how bad the BM seemed to you, do it because that is what you choose to do for your own individual reasons, and also don't allow the media to portray it like its a Movement are something which can't be nothing farther from the truth. I put the media own "Blast" for giving this subject gasoline that is already on fire in our community, people, this is not our major problem, but thanks to the media it will slow our progress as a Nation of people.


Solace said...

Wow Shaka...I like this blog as well..didnt notice it before.

ShakazP said...

Thank you, Solace, I usaully post sporadic post on this blog.