Sunday, September 23, 2007

Noose Fever! (Coming Out of The Closet.)

The dawn of a revolution is on the arise, hate has grown fangs that prick at our side. If you read your bibles Jesus said "In the last days nation shall rise against nation", one of many things he prophesied that will take place upon his return. Translated races shall rise against races, we see that now to the point that they are tired of hiding it now, being a minority in this country makes you wonder what will happen next does it stop there in Jena six or will it spread in other parts of the country like nooses (Nooses were found hanging at High Point Andrews High School in North Carolina) makes you wonder. No fear is my response to terrorism of any kind, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not going back in time they will have to kill me I mean actually hang me before I go back to slavery. Being more insensitive toward each other's race only means one thing and one thing only, we are becoming a threat to their existence, the scales are becoming more balance the sound of "those niggers are taking over" is putting pressure on the High order of things, that's right we are becoming equals as crazy as it sounds you will see more racial incidents in the news. Amazing, here in 2007 feels like I woke up and it is 1962 again, and this is the only country that has a serious race problem. Will we ever evolve from primitive behavior, my opinion is as long as there is media stereotypes we never will.

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