Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Marriage and Conditional Love

The biggest question in this incident is where did the prosperity go, everything seemed perfect from the outside. That goes to show that everything is not always what it seemed, love is a transparent action with no conditions attached to it. "Fair Weather Person" always spoil what is supposed to be beautiful. Sacrifice is what is supposed to help the marriage last, and church leaders are supposed to be an example of that, but to the contrary we see them become weary and weak like regular people. That is what happens when you put conditions on love, it dies quickly because conditions are temporary not lasting like unconditional love. There is absolutely no attachments to love if it is you better run fast as you can away from that person. Here is Juanita Bynum in the video below wishing her husband Bishop Weeks the "the Best" after his indictment. ...Great sacrificial love, huh...

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