Friday, June 15, 2007

Respecting your Own!!

I was talking to one of my friends the other day he said he was in line behind a white guy same age mid thirties, he notice the cashier which was a black woman giving absolutely total respect to the white man like he was the owner which is part of her job. But when he step up for service expecting the same service the cashier did a 360 in her attitude she was all but respectful nearly insulting handed him his change with great contempt. He left with great offence cause he notice a difference in how he was treated compared to his white counterpart. My question is was it because he was black or not lite enough, you can debate the scenarios all you want. The real question is how did it get to this point, when our own beautiful black woman don't respect us any more we are despised at some level by our sistas, yet they would give our respect to someone else. This is a small example of how our black people don't communicate and little seeds of offense can cause a bigger wedge within our community. Lets get a grip on our pride, our self respect, don't let minor failed relationships allow you to conclude our race is worthless, we must fight to maintain a open mind toward our black people and toward individuals. Self Love is the key.

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