Sunday, June 17, 2007

Empty seat "Baby Daddy Blues"

Where is daddy anyway he was here a second ago! WHAT the hell happen! This is what happened he was Ran off by this new age Independence movement. That is the foundation of the fleeing of our fathers in the black community, people have learned to not lean on each other for support as a result the men feel unwanted and not really needed, so what would any normal person do, you got it run off, where he is needed. It is no one fault that the brotha has run off, its a change in the social climate. This uncommitted generation has spawned a sense of ingratitude toward each other where a family unit is obsolete, and its spreading in other cultures not just one in particular. Some women would rather date married men so that they would not have to commit to anyone entirely, as a result holding on to they're independence. To all the would be fathers out there don't give up all the women are not infected with this Independence Movement. And to all the men hanging on to marriage, "I'll say a Prayer for ya"!! Happy Fathers Day.

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