Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Power of Black Woman

Poor brotha, he doesn't realize what he's dealing with, this is the power of the black woman. It is not just her body that is captivating it's her attitude. Confident attitude has always put black woman in the spot light, her self esteem is at a very high level. Some sistas are afraid to use their gift, they don't want to seem arrogant or obnoxious, well if that's the case I hope you have some elbow grease cause your going to need it. Some brothas can't handle this confident sista they interpret this attitude as being mean and they feel intimidated by them, that's because you don't understand them, you see by their being open and deliberate their forcing you to be open and deliberate and to stop trying to cater to her all the time watching what you say trying to pose as sincere, she already know you putting on an act so you can get you "some". Loosing up act like you talking to one of your buddies and this fine woman will respect you. Her openness is her strength her way of survival, her confidence has to be high cause people will not like you unless you like yourself. This attitude draws great people toward her and pushes weak people away. So I say, embrace this strong, sexy, confident, intelligent, Black Woman!

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

My wife doesn't have the "attitude" you're talking about here. My wife wouldn't passively yet impatiently watch me fixing her car, while telling me to "hurry up." That would be inconsiderate.

I'm a sensitive guy. I need a sensitive and considerate woman. I'm sorry that some people have found that life compels them to be "hard" and "cold." The only part of life that I have really enjoyed is the part where I can let my guard down, trust in others, and share my real feelings, even letting tears flow in my wife's presence on occasion, if I feel very sad.

I'm so bad at pretending to be confident around women that I had to give up and, instead, look for women who didn't want that pretense. But I like your counsel to just be ourselves and talk with fine women as if they're just one of our crowd.

My wife always supports me (although she won't co-sign any bull crap.) When I feel very sad, she feels sad too, and so I have to keep it in check and do what needs to be done to make things work out.