Friday, June 22, 2007

Fear of "Dark Skin"

People hate to talk about this issue, but I feel it is my responsibility to give it a little attention. There is a fear of black men who has darker skin, most whites feel comfortable around lighter skinned black people particularly black men. My theory is darker skinned black men are stereotyped as violent, angry, oversexed, and etc. any negative prejudgements are always attached to a brotha's image. But men always kept the spoils of war (I use as a loose metaphor), that's why there is no fear of dark skinned black women, not saying we are at war but the numbers don't lie the majority work places rather have them around than men its no secret. Perceptions must change about the darker brotha, don't let videos and news reports be the final determining factor of how you see the darker black men, in other words don't judge the book by its cover look at his fruits individually, thus judging the tree by the fruit it bears. Jennifer Eberhardt associate professor of psychology has findings you might find interesting just click her name to read the article on her. Not every tree has rotten fruits and not every dark skinned black man will harm you, some of us are really trying to achieve the American Dream just like everyone else.

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