Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Fake Ass People"

Why do people pretend to be your friend or associate when they secretly despise you for whatever reason, you know who you are, full of shit, yet plays along like everything is cool. One of the biggest traits of fake ass people is their ability to "hide" behind close doors or crowds and throw rocks at you hoping that they will get lost in the confusion. Another trait of a fake ass person is that their too big of a fucking coward to confront you head on and be straight up with you, they hope that by stirring you up secretly you will act on impulse and react stupidly in affect making you look like the bad person or an asshole, thus making you go away in shame. Their is no cure for being a fake ass person especially when the opposite sex is involved then you have motivation for being a fake ass person, that's right "jealousy" one of their biggest and obvious traits that you need to look for. I have already spotted a few "fake ass people" on the Internet, oh yeah you can see them coming a mile away. Best way to handle this nuisance is to ignore them until they get tired of hiding and throwing rocks and reveal themselves for what they really are which is a "SNAKE".


Gabrielle said...

That is the truest thing I've read on ANYBLOG!!! Sounds so familiar with The Elle Word.

ShakazP said...

Thank you, Gabrielle, in school, job, or any where else too.