Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sexy High Testosterone Levels in Women

This is the modern day woman, beautiful, sexy and high Testosterone levels, meaning enough male hormones to knock the crap out of you. If you saw the video above you see that women nowadays are very cocky and aggressive and quick to start a fight many have entered into the ring, "Fight Girl" a show on the "Oh" channel has high ratings from mostly a all male audience, where lovely testosterone driven beauties knee, elbow, kick and upper cut each other and fight Thai girls for their championship. I use to dislike this behavior in women but after studying the subject I find it liberating that woman have become more aggressive and able to defend themselves, they are becoming real life amazons with a heart of iron. Many girls street fighting receive a lot of clicks on YouTube so it seems to be a growing trend. My only reservation is that this doesn't effect the evolutionary balance of things, I mean it would be awkward for me to ask a woman to walk me to my car. But it is good to know that some of them can defend themselves.

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