Sunday, August 5, 2007

Flavor Flav Walks

Vh1 just can't get enough of this brotha's cunning ability to pull ratings, already there is a high demand for sponsors to pull the next episode. So watch out America Flavor Flav is going to swoon back into your living rooms. Also there might be another plot twist involving his estrange ex contestant Mrs. New York, who I heard will star later on in the series to do what she does best stur up drama and dodge spit. Don't look for too many surprises this time around Vh1 is just playing it safe they don't want to lose there large black audience from the first two episodes, this is how ratings work, folks, they find a new fruit and squeeze all the nutrients they can get out of it until they find a new fruit. Flavor Flav's counter part the group Public Enemy will be releasing another album marking their 20 years in Revolutionary Music the title is called "How you sell soul to a soulless people who sold there soul", Chuck D never leaves any hints does he? ( lol) August the 7th they will be in stores near you so go buy and check out where the brotha is coming from, and get prepared for more hardcore Flavor of Love 3 drama coming soon I might keep you posted.

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