Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael Moore under Fire!

CNN distorted facts surrounding Michael Moore's movie Sicko, and have apologized for their error, now that's what I'm talking about. Like I said in an earlier post this movie is going to take us a step closer to National Health Care. People keep saying the Government does not need to get involved in medicine, I say we should choose how we should spend our taxes. Medicare is already a government ran department so is welfare which has a few kinks but Hospitals and Grocery stores don't complain when people are using them. People are so stupid as to decide which social system nightmare they are afraid of. Naturally most Americans are brainwashed to believe that Nationalized Medical care is a horrible left-wing, liberal, nut case Social program that would destroy this country, sadly most people who are not insured believe that, unless they get sick. Wake up ,Americans, make your political leader push for National Health care so we can join the 21st century. This is a excerpt of the distortion debate between CNN and Michael Moore, caution, it is very intense.

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