Friday, July 27, 2007

"I'm Telling You, Wear Your Seat Belt"

I am a big J-Hud fan and I saw her latest video on YouTube which was uploaded by her friend James, and low and behold I see baby gurl driving without a seat belt, I was shocked, my first thought was who the hell is her P.R. rep., cause, Jenny, you influence a lot of young people if they see you riding without a seat belt they will say it's cool. Thank God you took that video down cause news spread fast on YouTube. Also it is a good thing people are distracted by Beyonce's tumbling act I see her P.R. rep is working overtime to remove all those videos from YouTube lol. So I'm telling you, Jennifer Hudson, you better wear your seat belt next time. And James take much better care of our Queen, OK, don't let her be slipping like that. Much Love.

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