Friday, June 29, 2007

This Movie "Sicko" says Health care Reform

When I saw clips of this movie I thought it was another off the wall Michael Moore movie attacking Pres. George Bush, but after seeing it I was blown away by the magnitude and depth that Moore put into the subject of the American Health care system, it is sad that the Superpower of the world has the worst health care system for its citizens. Click this link Here to Sneak a preview of the movie, better do it fast before it is gone. If your lucky you can see the entire film so HURRY! He is under attack already by the Media on all fronts that's because their being paid off by these Monstrous Health insurance companies this movie is dynamite I am surprised they didn't put a hit on Moore.

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I think we have a health care emergency in the United States, precisely because health care has been treated as a market product to be offered to the public rather than as a public service to be guaranteed to the public.