Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jena, Louisiana "Burning with Hate"

Some parts of the south still living in the Dark Ages racial evilness still exists I know young Black men face injustice in Jena, Louisiana it is terrible. The case has drawn attention worldwide following accusations of racism and unequal treatment in the handling and prosecution of the boys. Before Monday, when Bell's charges were reduced, all of the boys had been charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit the same. If convicted on those charges, the boys could face as many as 100 years in prison."JENA -- An all-white jury of five women, one man and a female alternate was selected today in the trial of Mychal Bell, one of six black Jena High School students charged in a Dec." An all-white jury has been seated in Jena. You can do something about it, please help fight this racism by signing this petition, just click the link below join the fight.


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