Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Hell Continues"

I have just learned that Congress and the Senate just passed a Bill increasing funding for the policy in Iraq to continue. What the Fuck!!, these are the same fuckos who we elected to end the policy in Iraq what gives. My suspicion tells me they have been bought off by Halliburton Oil company who CEO use to be Dick Cheney. Wake up America!, this major oil company is the reason our soldiers are suffering and why they are over there in the first fucking place. The people we elected have sold out to the mighty dollar, now the American soldiers are on their own with no one to change policy in Iraq. Over 70% of the soldiers will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome a little more than that percent will be physically impaired for the rest of their life, and for what?!? So that a few sorry ass men can stick more money in their accounts. Our so-called friends in the media won't tell it like this, they only report the surface, which does no honor to the soldiers who risk their lives for a vain cause.

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